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Company name Duco Co., Ltd.
Executive director Kazuko Ohori
Location 216-5 Higashi nakano, hachiouji, Tokyo 192-0351
Phone/Fax Phone:+81-42-689-6382, Fax: +81-42-689-6404
E-mail nadesycco@duco.co.jp
Regular holiday Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Founding date August 1979
Capital 10 million yen
Business Contents Manufacture and repair of urushi lacquer products. Software development.
Development, designing and sales of new product.
Planning for exhibition. Construction and interior designing.


Location 216-5 Higashi Nakano, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0351
Phone/Fax Phone:+81-42-724-6623, Fax: +81-42-785-5438
E-mail nadesycco@duco.co.jp
Business day Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Business Contents Showroom of urushi lacquer material. Workshop of lacquer painting. Interior designing.
Consulting of house reforming and renovation
Business hour Reservation only. Please contact us to make appointment.

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Corporate History

August 1979 Started painting business as Ohori Paint Shop.
October 1979 Established the urushi lacquer repairing studio NADESYCCO
December 2003 Changed the company name to Duco Co., Ltd.
Established a corporation to launch the business of painting lacquer on metal and glass material.
September 2005 Certified as the part of Tokyo Metropolis Management Innovation Plan (17 Industry Trade Bureau No. 379)
June 2006 Approved by Tokyo Metropolitan Government as the Subsidized Project for the Fiscal Year 2006 (Sales Channel Development Project)
February 2009 Together with Chahira Lacquerware Shop, certified as ”Regional Resource Utilization Plan” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
August 2012 Acquired the contractor’s license by Tokyo Metropolitan Government (General - 26)

About Rhus Trademark

Products developed using the new materials are being marketed by the name of Rhus.
Rhus is the scientific name of Nurude plant, Anacardiaceous (lacquer) family, the same as urushi.
The Latin name has the meaning of ”lacquer tree”.

Business Contents

Urushi Lacquer Department

Manufacturing and development of lacquer products.
Along with the wooden lacquerware, we are developing products of new materials combined with glass, metal (stainless steel / titanium), or acrylic to fit in the modern lifestyle.

Planning Department

1. Assistance for product development planning

2. Support up to sales planning

Planning of product by other company

Under the know-how of the lacquerware production acquired through repairing job, we support the production development of other companies.
We keep the level based on traditional craftsmanship, starting from product development all through to the manufacturing management.

Post-production support

Ever since the founding of first lacquerware repair shop in 1979, we supported and will support the reliable products that we use in daily life.

Construction Department

House reforming

We guarantee your satisfaction in reforming the houses and shops, designing interior and exterior in general all through to painting furniture and fixtures with our own handling.
Also, we propose to install urushi lacquer paint in some part of the interior, to create the space even more luxurious.

House renovation

We will plan and reform the business space for shops and offices, based on corporate plan and concept, to pursue the goal.

Proposal for Living with New Materials

Not only the development. We also design, make proposal and art-work, and do all the interior work until the finishing touch. Along with the work, we also give those who live in it, lectures and seminars on lacquer -- its characteristics, future prospects, ways of use and how to handle.

Collaboration with Companies in Different Industries

We are collaborating with other companies of different industries and add value of urushi culture to the new product born between us.

The typical example of this is the golf club of Majesty Golf & Co., Ltd., the golf club coated with urushi and decorated with maki-e. It was introduced as a traditional Japanese technology and sold in Taiwan, India, China and Korea.

  • Majesty Golf & Co., Ltd.

  • Side panel of Pioneer TAD speaker, high-end model

Interior planning and construction of commercial facilities


General remodeling of house, shop and office.
Our specialty is remodeling of the surface of building, where the image is totally changed with the alteration of material.

  • Reupholstering of floor and wall
  • Painting of tools or furniture
  • Surface finish with urushi lacquer

Renovation of commercial facilities

We promise to build up a better value in a business area with shops and offices, with future perspective in mind.

Planning and construction contents

  • Depending on the situation, an interior design specialist consults with the customer to discuss about the concept, the business plan, the product composition, the customer segment, and designs and makes plan for the space.
  • Along with the interior remodeling and finishing, we will manufacture the tools and furniture or prepare the display, according to customer’s demand.

Flow of renovation

  • Consultation
  • Status quo confirmation
  • Proposal / Estimate
  • Plan determination(Confirm with CG perspective or presentation on board)
  • Construction

House renovation

~Think about individual lifestyle~ Staying close to the family's interest and how they live,
we will realize as cozy and comfortable place as possible.

Construction contents

  • Reforming of kitchen, bathroom, washroom
  • Reupholstering of wall and floor
  • Replacement or remodeling of door and closet in the hall
  • Lighting and wiring plan
  • Coordination of furniture and drapery
  • General house renovation with floor plan includeded