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Rhus brand

Harmony with nature

Rhus is the word derived from urushi tree in Latin.
Rhus brand brings the natural taste to your lifestyle,
in harmony with nature.

The importance of being natural urushi

Development of new material for urushi lacquer

  • Decline of the urushi lacquer industry

    Urushi has been used in life and culture of Japan for 9000 years, and it is still known as the craft representative of Japan.
    However, due to the change in lifestyle, demand for lacquerware has decreased, and its industry is now drastically declining.

  • Utilizing lacquer in harmony with modern lifestyle

    For 25 years, we had worked as a specialist in repairing lacquerware in Tama City, suburb of Tokyo, and were keen to convey the urushi culture.
    We discovered through repairing job that we could utilize in modern life the excellent lacquering techniques of the late Edo period . Therefore, in 2003, we established Duco Co., Ltd. and started developing new base materials fit for urushi lacquer.

  • Lacquer as a new material

    We started to focus on the base material for coating lacquer to find something other than wood we had used so far. After repeating chemical experiments,we finally succeeded in developing the completely new lacquer materials in which the properties of both urushi and the base blend. That is, transparent material such as glass/acrylic onto urushi. Or, metal such as titanium onto urushi. Not a simple "lacquer + base" product but a new lacquer material both in function and design.

  • New design and diversity

    Developing the new base material of glass, acrylic, titanium, engineered stone or optical lenses enabled us to discover the new designs that genuine natural urushi brings.
    With them the target of use were also expanded and varied, leading way to modern architecture, room interior designing, or to art.
    It also expanded the new sales channels, and now helps to find paths for urushi lacquer industry in new field different from traditional craft.

  • Collaboration with other industry under our technology

    While we respect the value and the quality of urushi lacquerware as traditional craft, we have been aiming to encourage the demand of urushi products in daily life.
    After having developed materials other than wood, we started to collaborate with companies from different industries, and succeeded in sharing the value of urushi culture with their products.
    The representative is the golf club set of Majesty Golf & Co., Ltd., a golf manufacturer in Tokyo.
    The club head was lacquered and decorated with hand-drawn maki-e.
    It was introduced as traditional Japanese technique and sold in Taiwan, India, China and Korea.

1 Natural Pattern (glass/acrylic × natural urushi)

Procedure cultivated over years
Natural pattern that can be created only by genuine urushi


The natural motif that lacquer produces on glass is rich in strength that can never be ignored.
It can be used in a wide range of field from house interior, furniture, decoration to small accessories.


  • Decorative material for house interior (accent wall, partition)
  • Tile, door slit, shelf board
  • Sakuramon small
    Sakura, small petal
  • Sakuramon large
    Sakura, large petal
  • Ripple
  • Crystal
  • Urushi in Bloom
    Urushi in Bloom
  • Bark
  • Sprinkle, lamé
    Sprinkle, lamé
  • Split
  • Foil Deco
    Foil Deco
  • Glass Service Plate
    Glass Service Plate
  • PartitionBark
    Partition Bark
  • Folding screen Crack+Crystal
    Folding Screen Crack+Crystal

2 Acry-U-lil (layered acrylic/single acrylic × natural urushi)


Single or several layered of acrylic plates, applied urushi and silver foil in between.
It can be cut and shaped into several three-dimensional forms so that they bring quite a unique hue and a new taste of material.
It can be processed the same as acrylic, making it possible to shape doorknobs, furniture parts or accessories.


  • Furniture
  • Interior accessories(doorknob)
  • Fixture(door slit)

Design type

  • Single layer:
    Five patterns (Photo left)
  • Several, or double layered:
    Combination of Fern and Silver Flake only available.
    By the use of various color foils, you can enjoy the abundant design variations of several layers.

Dimensions and processing

  • Double layered:
    Basic combination: one 10 mm plate and one 2 mm plate.
    Maximum size: 500 mm (L) x 500 mm (W) × 12 mm (H).
  • Triple layered:
    3 layers of 5 mm plate. Maximum size: 400 mm (L) x 400 mm (W) x 15 mm (H)
    (Plate thicknesses of 3 mm, 5 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm are also available.)
    By the use of various color foils, you can enjoy the abundant design variation of several layers.
    (Plate thicknesses of 3 mm, 5 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm are also available.)
  • Pillar:
    Square pillar of 10 sheets of 10mm acrylic plate. Maximum possible size: 2000 mm (L) x 2000 mm (W) x 100 mm.
    *Please inquire about the processing and size in detail.
  • Wood Strip
    Wood Stripe
  • Fern
    Available in single, layered and pillar
  • Silver Flake
    Silver Flake
    Available in single, layered and pillar
  • Crystal
    Available in single only
  • Wood Carving
    Wood Carving
    Available in single only

3 Titan Urushi (titanium × natural urushi)

Fusion of titanium and traditional technology of urushi


By combining lightweight and corrosion-resistant titanium with lacquer, the texture and touch as close as to the warmth of woods will be perceived. Also, the unique gloss of titanium adds to the whole space the special sensation of depth.

4 Titan Maki-e (titanium × maki-e)


This was completely a new attempt to make maki-e with titanium powder and grain, and anodize it. Thus we succeeded in bringing out the color of ancient hue that could not be attained before, to make the titanium product artistic.


  • Interior art
  • Interior decoration
  • Household goods (Titanium cup)

5 Urushi Lacquer Sheet (PVC film × silver foil × urushi)

Quick and easy way to enjoy the decor


Transparent PVC sheet, coated with urushi and silver foil, that you can easily cut with scissors.

Two types with or without adhesive on one side.
・Those with adhesives can be attached on transparent materials.
・Those without adhesive are easy to be rolled, cut out, or can be hung on a window side or in an open space.
As the lacquered part is transparent while the foil part shines bright, it will give the effect of three-dimensional depth.


  • Window treatment in the place of curtain
  • Partition
  • Decorative hanging scroll, tapestry
  • This product was nominated as the authorized good for trial order by Machida City, Tokyo 2017

  • Japanese Modern
  • Classical Modern
  • Kasuri
  • Golden Kasuri
    Golden Kasuri
  • Wood Stripe
    Wood Stripe
  • Obi Sash
    Obi Sash

6 Glass Maki-e (glass × maki-e)

Traditional beauty inherited in new expression


Glass or optical lens decorated with traditional maki-e. By the use of thick glass in shape of cylinder or pillar, as well as flat plate, the maki-e on the cubic surfaces brings perspective effect.

Culture inheritance

In tea ceremony, we have made in the space of 2 tatami mats, a small world, where we can feel the four seasons, the nature and the universe through the transition of seasons or light of day and night.
Duco's ”Ice-Light” conveys the concept of ”creating cosmic space” pursued in tea ceremony, and creates the world through lighting. This is how we inherit the culture of tea ceremony.

Photo: ”Ice-Light”, optical glass table light, whose four sides are decorated with traditional maki-e. The pictures are lit up from inside by LED light installed at the base.
Inheriting traditional beauty and technique, we created a new expression of cubic art with distant landscape and nearby scenery. A small world inside the glass.