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A lifestyle and design that respects the four seasons

Japanese culture has long cherished and respected the four seasons, and enjoyed life along with them.
Also, in our daily life, we have gathered ideas to use the small space as cozy as possible.
These two are the principals of life in Japan.

Sensibility of Japanese seen from 'Japanese light'

Design cultivated for
small space

Catch the season’s beauty through the tiny window, or enjoy the shadow on shoji slide screen…
The delicate lifestyle and the meticulous living design with playful mind have brought comfort and humor in daily life.

A beautiful lighting from Japan

Elegant and modest

The two lightings made collaborated with other companies in processing stainless steel are the beautiful lighting born in Japan.
The name Bokuboku is originated from the word that means “dignified attitude with modest beauty”, perfect expression to describe this product.
Along with the gentle light emitted from the bulb, you can enjoy various lights reflected on the wall and floor.
Depending on the position and angle you look at it, urushi lacquer and gold/colored silver foil coated inside give you the different look.
Mahorobi : Means “the most beautiful scenery”, and was named with the hope to hold light in it.
Mai: Means dancing because the pattern looks like dancing if you move your eyes from one side to another in front of it.

Photo left:
"Mahorobi" Stainless steel cut into vignette. Gold foil and urushi lacquer coated inside.
Photo right:
"Mai" Stainless steel cut by laser into tortoise shell/ fan pattern. Colored silver foil and urushi lacquer coated inside.

Sensibility of Japanese seen from 'Japanese AKARI'

"Distant and nearby" in one scene

Looking through the pattern in front, you can see a bigger view of the pattern at the end.
This is the perspective unique in Japan.
By utilizing the effects of combining the distant landscape and the nearby scenery, we have created a unique microcosm found in the tea culture.

Correlation of five senses

When selecting an art in harmony with the room, painting sometimes claims the preference and tendency too strong. But Natural Pattern is the result of natural movement of urushi lacquer, and fits any interior in common with the existence of nature.
Two pieces on the left are paintings, while the end right is Natural Pattern.

In color science, it is said that warm color promotes appetite. Warm and delicious presentation is inevitable in creating the nice dining space.

Taste by sight

The warm fragrance issued from Natural Pattern...
It leads our sight to the taste, and helps to produce a “delicious space”.

1/f Fluctuation

1/f fluctuation, the rhythm of healing, is widely found in nature - breeze, sea wave, birdsong, urushi. Its relaxation effect is the reason we suggest urushi for your space.