Decorative interior material using natural lacquer

Natural Pattern panel of glass coated with urushi lacquer, or Titan Urushi of titanium decorated with urushi and maki-e -- The pattern and texture created by natural urushi go beyond the difference of culture, style, and your preference. They bring "nature’s wildness and its beauty" to the space around you.

Value of its Presence

~an accent in any style~

Urushi brings its strength to the interior of natural taste,
its stylishness to the interior of urban and in-organic taste,
with nature's tenderness.

Photo left:
Natural Pattern panel installed under staircase. Sunlight from behind the panel reflects the pattern of urushi and silver foil onto the room.
Photo right:
Natural Pattern panel on the concrete wall. Touch of natural tenderness to in-organic space.

Time in Indulgence

〜Light and people〜

Natural Pattern can be enjoyed in various expressions by multiple reflections according to the angle and the type of lighting.
A relaxing and indulgent moment will be available at the time and place you need for your gathering.

Photo left:
Natural Pattern panel on the dining room wall. Customized in frame, the pattern enhances the quality of interior design.
Photo right:
Natural Pattern panel for the table top (top board). Light from the window, light from the candle, light from under the table … different light makes the different expression and makes varieties of presentation.


〜Endless harmony〜

While respecting the tradition in style, natural urushi goes beyond the time and culture to create harmony with space and time.

Photo left:
Natural Pattern panel hanging in the alcove. Example of combination of traditional taste and light.
Photo right:
Table top of Natural Pattern panel. Example combined with Western style furniture.

Light and Shadow

~Art of nuance~

In the place without illumination, the silver foil reflects natural light to make a contrast of light and shadow. It makes the effect of three-dimensional nuance all over the place

Installation of Natural Pattern panel with silver foil in a casual style. Different expressions are made by the transition of light.

Nature and Dignity


In your study, aka your castle, or in the drawing room, the matured impression is added to express the dignity of the work.

Installation of Natural Pattern panel of geometric design behind the desk.
Along with the respect for tradition, it produces a stylish atmosphere.

Elegant Nobility

〜Hospitality without words〜

At the hall of private house, the entrance of hotel, or at the reception of office, it welcomes the guest and visitor with elegance in warm hospitality.

Photo left:
Installation of titanium panel decorated with titanium maki-e at the reception of a corporate office. The L-shaped panel reflects the space on the mirror-polished surface, and produces mysterious depth and its unique view of the world.
Photo right:
Installation of Natural Pattern panel at the center of a private house hall. Appearance with distinction and dignity.

Applied Use of Natural Pattern Panel

Natural Pattern panels can be applied in various ways in highly decorative order-made furniture and fixture. It will realize the unique design to represent the place and the person who lives with it.


With only one partition of Natural Pattern, you can make your own elegant private space.
Folding screen
One panel makes a partition, two makes an accent of the space, and three makes a screen fit for celebration party like wedding reception.
Table top
Natural Pattern on horizontal line will give us some more variation of light.
Expression changes according to the time of the day, and with the lighting and illumination, the color and the pattern look completely different depending on its position.
Shelf board
A very ordinary shelf turns into a decorative display shelf.
Natural Pattern panel can be applied into any fixture like fixing into door slit, or can be used as a door as it is.
Application of natural fish panel